Iranian Caviar Exporter

Talagene Caviar

Talagene Caviar exports its products to all over Europe, Arab countries, and neighboring countries.

To order caviar in your country, email us or send a message on WhatsApp.
The minimum order is three kilograms.
Types of caviar that you can order include :Beluga caviar, Ossetra caviar, and Baeri caviar.

The following documents are sent with the exported caviar

۱) Certificate  of CITES
2) Labeling List
3) Certificate of Origin
4) Veterinary Health Certificate
5) Invoice
6) Packing List.

The preparation time for export orders is ten working days from the time the order is placed until it reaches the customs of the destination country.

If you are travelling to Iran, you can take 250grams Caviar per passenger. Caviar will be packed in temperature backs for keeping cold along the trip.

If you are interested to take more Caviar with yourself contact us.

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